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Curl re-energizing Spray. I got my curls back!!

When I was younger, I used to have very big curly hair. As I started getting older, I started to hate my curls, and would always try to blowdry my hair on my own even though I would end up ruining it because I was so young and let’s be real I had completely no idea how to properly blowdry hair. My curly hair then started to go away and my hair just got really wavy but not even in a pretty way.  You could tell it was very damaged. Lately I have been on this mission to get my curls back and since my mother owns a Beauty Salon, she’s familiar with what products I should use.

Moroccan Oil Curl Re-energizing Spray($26.00) Contains green tea and aloe leaf juice.  

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As I mentioned on another post, I prefer air drying my hair since it’s a much healthier option. Yesterday I decided to go to sleep with my hair wet and let it air dry, it’s very important to make sure you know not to spray it on wet hair by the way. I’m soo obsessed with it! It has such an amazing smell and works so well, I am so satisfied. Not only does it bring my curls out more but it also gives my hair more volume which I desperately need because I have bleached my hair maybe 15 times lol. But yeah if you’re looking to bring your curls back, this is the way to go.


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